Production 2018 - flow

Company Linga’s next production for seven dancers will be a collaboration with the French-Korean musical duo Keda, formed by E'Joung J, player of geomungo (traditional Korean string instrument) and Mathias Delplanque, electronic musician. 


Seven women breathe life and creativity into this project. Ona (Polish word for "she") fathoms the bonding moments shared by these artists and dancers, when personalities merge and transcend.


In TABULA, the rules of the game are constantly changed by the impressive set movements. Here space is keyword. A space that is shared, conquered, and claimed by the eight dancers, who provide a highly-sensitive, contrasting, and powerful interpretation.


Three performers with very distinctive backgrounds will give birth to this project, having chosen the solo format to fully reveal the artist's intimacy. They will appear onstage for a piece of intimate dialogue, public confrontation and self-questioning.

re-mapping the body

Equipped with wireless physiological sensors the dancers transform the movements in sound, creating the sound track of the piece.

falling grace

In Falling grace we search the point of inflexion where everything can crumble or be restablished. Acclaimed and commercialized, what society calls balance results in a desire for domination and control.


For this creation we started with a questioning: can the authenticity of a gesture still provoke an emotion at the era of superficial physical performances and multiplication of ostentatious images?